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If you are searching for a home, you have linked to the right site. Our business concerns the buying and selling and the rental of both business and private real estate mainly within the estate market of Forlì and its territory, but actually anywhere in Italy. You’ll also find inside our site many solutions towards other countries. We are working every day of the year (on Saturdays only through appointment while on Sundays we rather “just hang around”) and are opened all day from 08.30 am to 07.00 pm with passion, intensity, competence and total devotion towards our customers.

Our effective perseverance has made us put together a real estate catalogue with over eight-hundred offers to choose from, many of which are those of our agency while others are offers we deal in partnership with other qualified and acknowledged real estate agencies, in order to have a much better choice and satisfy all likes and wallets.

Our mission is: “No problem, just solutions, always!”

If you are not looking to buy or rent a home, but rather wish to sell one or let it for rental, we have a priority commercial channel available for you. It works on a new technology generation basis for the research of buyers/renters. You can find us on the most important sites the Internet offers (on over 40 portals amongst which:, Idealista, E-Bay, Kijiji, Attico), so not to waste paper, gasoline, and precious time that can be dedicated to more amusing activities.

Agenzia Labirinto: "you’ve got to get in to figure how to come out"

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